A Life Group is an environment where people have opportunity to connect

in intentional meaningful relationships that help them grow in their faith and trust in God.

Goals of a Life Group:

  • People commit to meeting together consistently.
  • Through sharing of stories group members connect on deeper levels.
  • Practical discussion around the application of Sunday teaching.

Values of a Life Group:

Intentionality – The purpose of life groups is to allow for meaningful relationships to develop and grow.

Authenticity – Group members should feel comfortable being real and transparent.

Community – Growing in faith doesn’t happen in isolation. We need others to help us trust God more.


  • Intentional, meaningful relationships are formed within the group.
  • Group members grow in their faith and trust in God.
  • Group members live out the values and priorities of Jesus.

Markers of Spiritual Growth:

  • Gospel Alignment – The more you immerse yourself in the gospel the more you are aware of all God has done for you in Jesus. The values and priorities of Jesus gradually become your values and priorities and your life aligns with his.
  • Authentic Community – We need each other to spur each other on, to encourage each other, and to learn how to accept and love each other with grace and mercy unconditionally.
  • Others Centered – Through our compassion and love toward others we live with a greater purpose then we could have imagined. We grow as we move from being self-centered to being others centered.

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