Struggling with Christ - Josh Haines Expedition Men's Breakfast

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Struggling with Christ

1 Peter 1:1 – We are God’s elect, and we are exiles.

1 Peter 5:8 – The devil is looking to devour YOU.

Romans 7:14-15, 18-19, 21 – You are both animal in the flesh, and Godly spirit.
  • There is a war in the world.
  • There is a war in your body.
  • Evil is sitting beside you, whispering in your ear.

1 Peter 4:12-16 – Do not be surprised by what you are going through. All Christians deal with suffering.
  • I recommend studying the lives of Peter, Paul, David, and Job

1 Peter 1 – We suffer to prove our faith and to bring praise, glory, and honor to God. We must set our hope on Jesus. We are judged as individuals for our faith, so we must not conform to our evil desires, but be holy and focus on the work that God has set out for us.

Challenge (Homework)
  • Study 1 Peter
    • Read it section by section
    • Write out each section. Re-write any parts that are confusing to you.
    • Seek out parallel passages – see what the rest of the bible has to say about what you are reading
      • Use citations in the text or search online
    • What does it mean to you?
      • Journal about what God is specifically telling you through the passage.

  • Renew your mind (Romans 12:2)
    • Identify the lies that Satan is telling you through your thoughts or emotions. Write it down.
    • Identify the truth that God is telling you through 1 Peter, through your study of the parallel verses, and through prayer. Write it down.
    • Create a “mantra” based on what God is telling you, that addresses all of the lies of Satan. 
      • Write it
      • Say it
      • Pray it
      • Until you believe it

  • YouVersion Bible App Study Plan: Winning The War In Your Mind
Craig Groeschel’s Sermon Series available on YouTube through Life.Church: Search Winning the War in Your Mind.

Table Discussion
  • Who in the Bible brings you the most inspiration?
  • What did they struggle with?

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